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Selling C of E Primary School

milstead and frinstead
Village Acedemy


Children are encouraged to develop a broad range of skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing. Children participate in a daily English lesson in Key stage 1 and 2 and in a wide range of language activities in Reception.

Reading is a fundamental skill and we encourage parents to join in the excitement of their children learning to read. We don’t use a single reading scheme but rather match children to books that will best develop their skills and interest.  Every class has it’s own book corner with a variety of books suited to a particular age group.

Writing skills are a key priority within the school. We emphasise presentation and handwriting skills.  Children are taught cursive script from the outset, first using a pencil and progressing to fountain or handwriting pens. All classes undertake extended writing sessions with activities ranging from poetry, creative writing, persuasive letter writing and factual work.

Speaking and listening skills are developed across the whole curriculum; classes regularly put on a show or production to encourage confidence and self-expression.