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Selling C of E Primary School

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We encourage the children to take a pride in their appearance and require all children to wear school uniform, which is:

Winter uniform 


  • Grey or black trousers 
  • White shirt and tie** 
  • Red jumper/fleece/sweatshirt* 
  • Black/grey socks


  • Grey or black watch tartan skirt, grey pinafore or trousers 
  • White blouse and tie** 
  • Red cardigan/ jumper/fleece/sweatshirt*
  • Grey, red or black tights

Summer uniform 


  • Grey shorts 
  • Red or white polo shirt 
  • Red jumper/fleece/sweatshirt*
  • Black or grey socks


  • Red checked or striped dress
  • Red cardigan/ fleece/sweatshirt*
  • White socks


Parents are asked to ensure that their children wear sensible black shoes to school and not boots or trainers. 

School bags

Children can bring school book bags* or their own small bag to carry their reading record, reading book and any necessary personal items such as glasses or tuck shop money.  We supply all stationery so pencil cases are not needed.  If you choose not to buy a book bag, please only buy small bags  as storage space is limited and we also need room for coats and PE bags.  

* Fleeces, sweatshirts and book bags with our school windmill logo and school ties may be purchased either from Forster’s School Leisure Ltd, East Street, Sittingbourne (Tel 01795 472947) or on line at

** optional


  • A plain red or white round neck T-shirt (with or without school logo)

  •  Black or white shorts

  • Outdoor trainers, indoor plimsolls, sports socks                                                          

    In colder weather the children will require:

    • Plain black/red or grey sweat top/tracksuit top
    • Plain black/red or grey long sports trousers


    All PE kits must be ‘non-designer’ wear

    All items of clothing and footwear MUST be clearly marked with the child’s full name.

 Children should not come to school in make-up, nail varnish or jewellery.  Plain gold or silver ear studs may be worn but need to be removed on PE and swimming days.  If children come to school wearing ear studs, for safety reasons they will be asked to remove them before PE/swimming on tape them.  Also for safety reasons we ask that longer hair should be tied back using small plain hair bobbles or hairbands.