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Positive behaviour at our school

Positive behaviour at our school


At Milstead and Frinsted we aim to ensure that every member of our school community works in partnership to create positive relationships and behaviour for learning. We aim to promote a welcoming, safe and caring environment, where all relationships are based on kindness.  We are a distinctively Christian school so the story and values of our Christian faith underpin our community rules to promote excellent behaviour. We aim to provide an environment based on kindness, care and empathy. 


Our School Community Golden Rules


  • We are different and equal.  We treat everyone with respect.
  • We are gentle, kind and forgiving
  • We work hard and try our best
  • We are loyal and supportive friends
  • We look after property and our school
  • We listen to people and follow instructions from adults
  • We are brave and honest


​​​​​​​+Our Playground and club golden rules:


+Our rules before and after school:


+Responsibilities of children


+Responsibilities of parents


+Positive reward system


+Consistent consequences


+Traffic light behaviour management




We consider bullying to be repeated behaviour that makes others feel uncomfortable, threatened or distressed. This can be physical, verbal or emotional. Whilst occurrences in our school are extremely rare they are dealt with firmly, quickly and sensitively. The exact response would, of course, depend on the nature of the bullying however in all circumstance parents of the children concerned would be notified and the situation carefully monitored.


For a full copy of all our Policy documents, including the Behaviour Discipline and Home-School Agreement Policy, please click here