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Aspen Class Pages (Years 3 and 4)

Welcome to Aspens Class page!

We're thrilled to welcome you to our vibrant and energetic class, where every day feels like a celebration! As we embark on the penultimate term of Year 3 and 4, our class is buzzing with excitement and growth. We cherish the opportunity to welcome new friends into our midst, making each day an adventure filled with laughter and learning.

In Aspens Class, learning is an exhilarating journey filled with moments of joy and achievement. From mastering our times tables to rocking out to Just Dance for a well-deserved movement break, there's never a dull moment in our classroom.

We take pride in celebrating the successes of our classmates, whether it's receiving a coveted pen license or competing fiercely in Times-Table Rock Stars and numbots. Our enthusiasm for learning knows no bounds, as we dive into a diverse range of subjects and activities.

Last term was a whirlwind of excitement, from exploring the wonders of electricity to stepping back in time to uncover the mysteries of the Anglo-Saxons. Our PE lessons were filled with laughter and teamwork, while our adventures in Forest School brought us closer to nature.

As we look ahead to this term, anticipation fills the air as we eagerly await Sports Day and Crazy Hair Day. Our curriculum is brimming with excitement, from diving into the enchanting world of "Pugs of the Frozen North" to mastering the art of sewing and exploring the wonders of French cuisine.

In Maths, we're sharpening our skills in money, time, shape, and statistics, while also delving into the fascinating realms of rivers, the water cycle, and states of matter. And in computing, we're discovering the power of Excel and data, equipping ourselves with valuable digital skills for the future.

But it's not just about academics—we value the importance of collective worship and fostering a sense of community within our class. Each student brings their unique talents and passions, enriching our classroom environment and making every day a new adventure.

As our journey continues, we're excited to embrace new challenges, celebrate each other's successes, and create lasting memories together. Join us in Aspens Class, where learning is not just a destination but an exhilarating adventure!

"I really liked the Forest School lesson when we built Anglo-Saxon houses as it was really fun and muddy." - Millie

"I liked making the river model because we worked well as a team, got to use arts and crafts and learned a lot." - Sophia

"I like PE because it's really fun and you can learn new things like learning to dance." - Poppy E.

"My favourite lesson was we learned how to do sewing because it was my first time and I was proud of myself." - Roxie

"I loved it in English when we did the Great North Race Programmes because I did a lot of writing." - Shahir

"My favourite lesson is Geography because I love learning about the world." - Dieko

"I'm really looking forward to Sports Day because I love running!" - Vinnie

"I can't wait to learn more in Maths." - Jackson

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