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Aspen Class Pages (Years 3 and 4)

Welcome to Aspen class!


Welcome to Aspen class.


In Lower Key Stage 2, we guide the children in the important transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.  Our aim is to invigorate children’s love of learning through a fun, engaging and nurturing curriculum and environment. Our learning follows our creative curriculum, which we cover with an all singing, all dancing approach – music, drama and expression knits together the fundamentals. We prioritise children’s sense of curiosity and adventure by providing rich, immersive learning opportunities. We empower, embolden and challenge children. We do this by providing learning for each individual at an appropriate level. We help children to develop their confidence and independence as learners in an environment where mistakes are ‘proof you’re trying’ and successes are celebrated as a community.  The children have regular opportunities to build confidence through performance – such as performing in our Easter extravaganza in Term 4 – where children develop team spirit, perseverance and resilience. We maximise the use of our outdoor surroundings throughout the year, giving children the chance to build a connection to nature. This develops their sense of responsibility for the world, as well as encouraging and stimulating their sense of wonder. 


Phonics in Aspens


When children enter Key Stage 2 they have resources from the Little Wandle programme in their classroom to continue to support their spelling and reading. For those children who still need access to phonics lessons, they are assessed on the Little Wandle Rapid Keep up programme and then a tailored course is designed for them.


We ensure phonics is taught using pure sounds only.  These links will show videos of children modelling pure sounds.


Phase 2 phonemes Autumn 1

Phase 2 phonemes Autumn 2

Phase 3 phonemes


Aspen Class Teacher: Mrs Gaskain  


Specific Support Teaching Assistants: Mrs McGuane, Mrs Archer and Miss Kitney.





Right Angle Turns April 2021

General Photos March 2021