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Collective Worship

Collective Worship


Collective worship takes place daily and puts God at the centre of what we do and who we are. We follow and adapt the Canterbury Diocesan plans making it relevant to our children’s experiences as well as responsive to what is going on in the world.


Our usual pattern of worship is spending Monday morning together as a whole school introducing the Diocesan theme of the week or focusing on our school vision and values.


On Tuesday, whole school worship takes place allowing for children to explore themes further at an age appropriate level and depth. 


On Wednesday Rev Alan or another representative of the local church continues the weekly worship theme often linking it to the church year.


‘Prayer and praise through song' is the focus of Thursday’s worship where the children and staff, learn new songs and hymns. 


On Friday, we have 'Celebration and praise' assembly where successes and achievements are celebrated and weekly awards given to children who have displayed exemplary Christian Values. Parents are invited to this celebration weekly at 2.45pm 


Each class takes it in turn to lead a class collective worship.  Parents and carers are invited to attend and we hope it makes them feel an important part of our worshipping community and gives them a valuable glimpse into school life. 


School worship is varied so teachers and children organise and lead worship. Building upon the Anglican traditions, scripture, singing, drama, video clips, prayer and time to reflect are part of the worship session. Children are also included in the monitoring and make suggestions on how to improve worship


Whilst parents have the right to withdraw a child from worship, all of our children seem to enjoy worship and participate with respect and a growing understanding. It is seen as a powerful way to help them explore their own beliefs, to deepen their understanding of the school values as well as the character of God and reflect upon the world around them in a safe and accepting community.